LMCS Board NOTES: The regular meeting of the LMCS Board was held on Tuesday, April 17th.


by Marge Feuerstein/Manor Ink mentor

  •  Superintendent’s Update & Presentation:

            A: 7th grade proposal for 2018-19 trip to Washington D.C. in Oct 2018

            B: Senior class report on recent trip

            C:Junior class proposal 2019 Senior class trip to Eastern Caribbean

            D: Mr. Callagy & Mr. Evans provided a final overview of the proposed 2018-

                 2019 budget

  •   Action Items: The following items were all unanimously approved:
  1. Minutes of March 15th  b) Treasurer’s report (details online at LMCS website)

    c)warrants accepted d) budget status & revenue expenditures

  1.     d) Budget of Sullivan County BOCES e) Mrs. Linda Berkowicz, Mrs. Linda Fisk and

        Mr. Simmie Williams for 3 year terms on BOCES Board.

  1.      e) Livingston Manor Free Library special election on June 26, 2018 to raise by tax

         The sum of $2550 in addition to the $129,997 raised annually by the district.

  1.      f) Budget Resolution for LMCSD: Authorized expenditure of the sum of $16,892,693

        during the 2018-2019 school year  and to levy the necessary tax therefore.Upon

        Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, CSE,CPSE and Section 504

        Recommended for those students with disabilities be approved as presented.

  1.      g) 2018-2019 school calendar was approved.
  2.      h) Also approved was the 2019 Senior trip and the 8th grade trip to Washington.
  3.      i) Position approvals:A revision of substitute teacher pay;tenure appointment

        approved for Christopher Hubert as Elementary Principal; part time teacher aides

        and extra-curricular appointments

  1.      j) Resignations for the purpose of retirement:

        Mrs Roberta Rehwaldt from position of Director of Special services

        Mrs. Susan Trotta from position of Special Ed. Teacher.

  Upcoming Events:

      Public Hearing on Budget –Tuesday May 1st 7pm

      Budget Vote 7 Board Election Tuesday May 15 10am to 8pm

      Elementary Spring Concert Tues May 125th 6:30pm


      Additional items coming up in the remainder of the school year

     as well as itemized parts of the proposed budget can be found

     on the school board website under minutes

Meeting of School Board Wednesday February 21, 2018.

by Marge Feuerstein /Manor Ink/Mentor

Superintendent’s Updates & Presentations:

    A: Budget Update:

          Superintendent Evans & Mr.Callagy (Business Administrator) gave

           An overview of the first draft of the proposed 2018-2019 budget in a

           PowerPoint presentation. Details can be found on the LMCS

           website. It is estimated that there will be a deficit of $189,547 which

           would be less than this year and may change with further revisions.

           Revisions will be presented at the March 21 meeting. April 17 the

           BOE is scheduled to adopt the proposed budget. May 1 would be a

           public hearing of the proposed budget with the budget vote set for

           May 15th.

     B: School Safety:

           In light of recent events discontinuation of the SRO program

           (School Resource Officer) would not be prudent. Mr Evans will

            work with the SRO so he will become more visible and establish a

            better rapport with staff and students.

     C: Policy Manual Update:

             Mr Evans again reminded the board that the LMCS Board Policy

             Manual needs updated. He requested that a committee of board

             Members work with the District Clerk to review and update the


      D: SEI Planning Meeting:

             The Superintendent, along with Mr. Callagy, Hoag and Robert met

     with some of the SEI design team and toured the facility to review              what had been completed, and review priority levels of the remaining

               items.They are working on a $100,000 capital project

               using money allocated in this year’s budget.

       E: Consent Agenda:

                The Board accepted the resignation of Sandra Johnson from the

                 Position of Middle/High School Principal effective June 30,2018.

                 Mr. Evans took the opportunity to publicly thank Mrs. Johnson for

her service to the staff, students and the LMCS district.


                approving a number of extra-curricular appointments and two

                substitute appointments, the board adjourned at 8:02 to move

                 into Executive Session.


Meeting of School Board Thursday, March 15, 2018


School Calendar Adjustments: Excessive use of emergency school

                closings due to snow, required changes in the calendar.

Superintendents Update and Presentations:


  • Presentation SHC:


          Jared Yando from School House Construction gave a PowerPoint

           presentation showing all the work done through last year’s capital

          Improvement project. The work included some things not originally outlined

          but corrected as they presented themselves in during the course of the work.

  • Athletic Director’s report:

          Mr. Evans gave the report and was happy to say that the boys

          basketball made it to the  first round of the tournament but lost in a

          heartbreaker to Bridgehampton 50-48.

  •  Budget Update:

          Mr. Callagy presented the proposed budget with very little changed from last month’s

presentation. A probable deficit of $124,773 is in

          line with last year’s but foundation aid and the finalized New York           State budget may lower that amount. The hearing

          on the budget is set for May 1st and the vote on May 15th.

  •   Approved by Unanimous Consent:

            Upon the recommendation of the

           Superintendent, Mrs. Linda Fisk was appointed as the Board Representative

           to the Sullivan County Board of Cooperative Education

           Services for a 3 years term.


       The board adjourned at 8:15 to enter into Executive Session.



Town Board Meeting of February 1, 2018

Old Business

  • Comprehensive Master Plan meeting started up again and timeline handed out.
  • Renaissance Grant copy received – Helen Budrock will review

New Business


Town Board Briefs by Marge Feuerstein/ Manor Ink Mentor

  • Motion passed to appoint J.R. DeVantier to the seat on the Town Board created by the death of his father.
  • Local law #1  Cold War Vets Tax exemption to be continued passed with a unanimous vote.
  • Public hearing for Local law #2 Hotels & Motels  public hearing will be set for March

Dept.Heads: Highway


  • Authorization was requested for the purchase of three needed pieces of equipment:
  • New Freightline cab & chassis: est. cost $117,000
  • Plowing equipment and combination dump body & sander est. cost $114,000
  • Dodge 5500: estimated cost $107,000


          These items had all previously been approved

Meeting of February 15, 2018



  • Letter received about possibility of changing street lights to LED.Probable high cost but possible large savings annually in electric consumption


Old Business:


  •  Resolution was passed to accept NYMIR Insurance with the addition of Cyber-Insurance with a cost of $627 per year


New Business:


  •      Public hearing to review proposed Hotel & Motel law set for March 1 at 7:05


  •      New York  law now requires that waste water be chlorinated or disinfected
  •      Board voted to set the Town Cleanup for the first weekend in June

Dept. Heads:


  •      Glenn Gabbard  (Code enforcement) informed the Board that the Tessler


                 Electric car company is interested in establishing a charging station midway

                 between NYC and Buffalo and they are looking at Town of Rockland.


Meeting of March 1, 2018


  •       Public hearing on Local Law #2 Hotel/Motel Extended Stay


                 There was some discussion as to how the law might affect future  

                 development of vacation homes that might be rented for a week or a month

                 At a time for instance. Local law #2 does not cover this type of situation and

                This matter will have to be reviewed by the Town as a separate matter.

Old Business:

  •      Haas Engineering has merged with Delta Engineering. This will not affect the

                 design for Riverwalk.    

New Business:


  •      Mowing cost $7000 last year. The Town will now have to consider adding the cemetery on


                 Orchard St.. Will have to meet with executives of NYS to examine policy on

                 cemetery maintenance.

  •      Building Repair List: List of small repair jobs needed around Town Hall.

                 Supervisor Eggleton suggested there was no need to put work out for bids.

                 Local contractors will be contacted.

  •       Tax Payments Received: Since January, $3,501,000 has been received.
  •       Resolution to Amend Proposed Local Law # 2 and set  a Public Hearing:

                 A Public hearing was set for March 15, 2018 at 7:05 pm to discuss

                 Amending Local law # 2 . This revolves around the checking of records,

                 access and the right of entry. Wording may be changed to “request”


A Brief of the Town Board Meeting of March 15th will be found on the

Manor Ink website!


Brief of Town Board meeting of Thursday, March 15, 2018



  • Public Hearing: The hearing was opened at 7:05 to amend the wording of Proposed Local law # 2. Wording of the amended law was read by Supervisor Eggleton. Since there was no public comment the hearing was closed.
  • Old Business:


         2018 Mowing Bid:  The bid was reviewed with an in depth

.         discussion.

         Reviewed were the Orchard St. Cemetery and other public areas still in use, .

         maintenance of those no longer open, as well as pre-spring cleanup

         of brush and debris. Breakdown of bids needs revision including

         start and end dates (to be completed by early April).

         lMSTP Update: On filtration of chemicals, Supervisor Eggleton contacted

          Aileen Gunther who is in touch with DEC.

          Sullivan Renaissance Grant: A $5000 grant specifically for Roscoe

          has been awarded to come up with garden designs with more

          perennials and shrubs, and fewer annuals. A gathering will take place

          On April 20th at the Roscoe Diner parking lot to look at the gardens and

          start formulating plans.

          Town Hall Building repairs:

           The work will be done by Gary Carlson, a local contractor.

          Upgrade of State Owned Highway lighting:

            Letter from NYSDOT stated that the State is willing to repair as

            needed, and upgrade (to LED) the State owned highway lighting

            within the Town of Rockland, providing the Town is agreeable to

            paying the energy costs for a period of ten years. The Town would

            need to pass a resolution and enter an agreement with the State.


           NEW BUSINESS:

            Resolution: To amend Proposed Local Law #2. The question of

            the adoption of the resolution was unanimously

            adopted. The exact wording of the revised law which affects

            access to the records of hotel/motels by code enforcement officers

            can be seen on the Town Board website.


           Board approved retaining McLaughlin Properties for asbestos

            testing and inspections.

           LM Fire Dept letter was drafted to discuss shared services involving

           generator use.

           Sullivan County Fireman’s Parade to be held in Roscoe on September 15.


School Board Meeting Wednesday December 20th

Marge Feuerstein / Manor Ink

The full School Board was in attendance to have pictures taken for the upcoming LMCS Year Book. After the photo shoot, Mr Madison called the meeting to order. After the pledge of allegiance, the Board moved directly to the Superintendent’s Updates.

*Mr. Evans reported that 12 proposals were received in response to the RPF for the proposed capital improvements. 10 of the firms actually came to the school and did a walk through. One company really impressed the committee with the level of their preparedness and knowledge about the school. They have been invited to meet with the entire Board on Jan 17th.

*Mr. Evans noted that a new dugout for the ball field was being constructed in the shop and should be ready for the spring season.

*He then reported that our combined football team of LMCS, Roscoe and Downsville along with other districts including Fallsburg, Eldred and Tri Valley would become part of a 7 team football league fielding 8 rather than 11 players.

*The next meeting of the steering committee of LMCS, Roscoe and Downsville will be held on Jan. 16th.

*The state’s new calendar for the school year 2018-2019 proposes a 180 day school year with 900 hours on the elementary level and 990 for the high school. Mr Evans pointed out that the district already exceeds those hour requirements.

*Since there were no public comments, Mr Madison then called for an approval of the minutes of the last meeting, the treasurers report, the budget and revenue reports, warrants and acceptance of the tax levies. All were unanimously accepted.

*After a review of upcoming events the Board moved to adjourn and went into Executive Session.